Going Up Against Gatotkaca: The Best Ways to Beat Him

Going Up Against Gatotkaca: The Best Ways to Beat Him

Going up against Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends can be tough, but you shouldn’t worry about it! We know about the three most powerful heroes that can be used against him. It’s time to dig around and find the secret weapons that will help us beat this strong tank.

Going Up Against Gatotkaca: Karlee, who is also known as the Mobile Watchwoman:

Kararie is the hero you should use when you’re up against tough enemies like Gatotkaca. She is a tough opponent that needs to be taken seriously because she can move quickly and does real damage. Ghost Step is what you need to use to hit Gatotkaca when he uses Avatar of the Guardian and get out of the area for good.

Utilize the Spinning Lightwheel to slow him down, turn on the Speedy Lightwheel to do real damage, and stay away from him while you fight. Flicker is the best partner for making you more mobile, and you should get Sea Halberd to make his lifesteal less effective. Granger and Claude can fill in for Karrie if she can’t be there.

Going Up Against Gatotkaca: Diggie is a pain when it comes to managing her time.

Because Diggie has the best Time Journey ever, Gatotkaca thinks of him as his worst fear. When you use this ability, the impacts of crowd control go away right away, protecting your team. When the Avatar of the Guardian attacks, cast Time Journey to keep your team safe from the dangerous moves he can make.

Take cover somewhere safe, then use Reverse Time to take charge of him. To do more damage, use Auto Alarm Bomb afterward. You can shorten the time it takes to use Time Journey by making Fleeting Time, Magic Shoes, and an Enchanted Talisman. This will also keep your team safe from Gatotkaca’s crowd control.

She is known as the “Queen of Crowd Control.”

If you want a hero who can stay calm around Gatotkaca, Ruby is a good choice. Because she can cast spells and change the minds of large groups of people, she is a strong enemy. If you’re fighting him one-on-one, you can slow him down with “Be Good!” and stop his attacks with “Don’t Run, Wolf King!”

I’m mad! this is a great way to catch him if he tries to escape. Use Ruby’s “Let’s Dance!” passive so you can avoid his attacks and kill him with the Execute spell when he’s almost totally out of health. Think about Athena’s Shield if he wants to go with a magic build, and Dominance Ice Halberd or Sea Halberd to lower the amount of life he steals.

Finally, some words:

Gatotkaca may scare you, but if you have heroes like Karrie, Diggie, and Ruby on your team, you will be able to beat him. It is important to remember Gatotkaca’s unique skills, make the right things. Also work together with your team if you want to beat them on the battlefield. Have fun playing VTBET games!